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About us

The Amelia County Fair is a highly-anticipated annual event organized and run by a group of devoted and enthusiastic local volunteers. Their primary objective is to highlight and promote the rich culture, history, and natural beauty of Amelia County to the wider community through various exhibitions, displays, performances, and contests. The fair serves as an ideal platform for local artists, craftsmen, farmers, and businesses to showcase their skills, products, and services to a wider audience. The volunteers work tirelessly to ensure that the fair is a safe, entertaining, and educational experience for everyone, and they take immense pride in sharing the spirit of Amelia County with their fellow neighbors.

Amelia County Fair Association Officers & Committee Appointments

Jay Griles - President

Non-Stage Attractions Committee

Justin Wright - Vice President

Sponsorship / Non-Food Committee

Adri Herron - Treasurer

Administrative Committee

Michele Deane - Interim Secretary

Logistics Committee

Amelia County Fair Association Directors & Committee Appointments

Alonzo Archer

Tricia Archer 

Food Vendors Committee


Heidi Britt

Crafts & Exhibits Committee


Kim Card


Tina Cleveland

Stage Committee


Joetta Hendrick 


Glenn Henkle

Heritage Village Committee


Maudie Scott

Scholarship Committee


Jeff Sedivy


Rosanna Sedivy


Mike Smith

Agriculture Committee



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